Muscle Gain Truth - Click HereThere are many ways to reach your ideal body; but what are the most effective ones for your specific type of body and your goal. Are you aiming for fat loss? Gaining mass? Strength?

That is one question that is never asked in any bodybuilding website and therefore is greatly overlooked when planning a bodybuilding workout regime. You have to realize that, you cannot copy off someone else’s workout regime and bodybuilding tips while expecting the most effective results for YOU.

In this article, I will explain what is the best way to find your most effective workout regime for any of your bodybuilding goals (muscle gain, fat loss etc).

The best way to gain muscle mass…

You have read it before; countless bodybuilders giving various bodybuilding tips on the best way to gain muscle mass. The problem is, everyone’s body type is different, it will never be as effective as finding your own bodybuilding workout plan.

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Here is the “advice” given on various bodybuilding magazines we will have a closer look at now:

  • “Do Slow reps for gaining muscle mass”
  • “Workout biggest muscles to gain mass overall”
  • “Avoid cardio as it can eat through your muscle gains”

These might seem like honest, sensible advice when read in magazines; however they can be dangerous if you actually haven’t worked out your best bodybuilding type. Say, you start to avoid cardio to work on muscle mass; when your body actually needs both to reach its optimal levels in distributing/circulating nutrients.

This is when you have chosen to ignore your body and simply following an empty piece of advice, which was probably said with the best of intentions.

The key is to train consciously and look how your body reacts to it. This way you can adjust your workouts accordingly; you can read a million articles on bodybuilding tips and how to eBooks or even take several different supplements, but you will never get the control you need until you focus and concentrate on each and every workout session consciously and find out what is the best for you own body.

Many wannabe bodybuilders follow regimes given by others in magazines very blindly; this can be a cause for serious concern. That is why I suggest you look at your own habits whilst training, so that you can change and improve your bodybuilding workouts; this is the ONLY way to long term results that not only make you look great, but feel fantastic!

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